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20th May 2017: HTTPS enabled for

Zipware is now using TLS certificates for encrpyted connections to thanks to the fine and free certificate authority LetsEncrpyt. If you are linking to Zipware's website please update your links to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Thank you.

16th October 2016: Zipware Version 1.4 Released

Click here to download this release.
Changes in this release :

9th October 2016: New release soon!

Zipware 1.4 non-beta version will be released next weekend.

21st August 2016: Zipware Version 1.4 Beta Released

Click here to download this release. Checksum - SHA-256: 63e7d556a0c1b632900fecfdba7e0b85cabad50c49144366ad551b44cd46b0f5
Changes in this release:

31 July 2016: Update

Unfortunately, implementing the new version of 7-zip is taking a lot longer than expected. The new release will not be available until next month.

15th May 2016: New 7-zip Vulnerabilities

There have been multiple vulnerabilities found in 7-zip software that affects versions 4.59 through to 15.14. Zipware uses 7-zip for many of its underlying archiving functions and therefore it is also vulnerable. Fortunately 7-zip version 16.0 has just been released to fix these vulnerabilities. A new version of Zipware will also be released in the next week or so that will include the fixed version of 7-zip. Though the vulnerabilities have not been exploited just yet its recommended that you be careful when opening archive files such as .zip and .7z from unknown sources. If you would like more information regarding the vulnerability please visit:

26th January 2016: Zipware Version 1.3 Released

Click here to download this release
Changes in this release:

20th January 2016: Release this weekend

Zipware version 1.3 will be released this weekend. This release will mainly contain bug fixes.


8th January 2016: Next Release

Currently working on upgrading the underlying 7-zip version used by Zipware to version 15.14. Hopefully this should be released in the next month or so.

Also there appears to be a bug in Zipware that occurs when the user settings file becomes corrupted. Zipware will open but will just show a small blank window. This will be fixed in the next version but if you have the problem in the interim simply remove any Zipware name files in the following directory and then restart Zipware.

c:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\Bazwise\


10th October 2015: Zipware Version 1.2 Released

Click here to download this release
Changes in this release:

7th October 2015: New Release this weekend

Version 1.2 of Zipware will be released this weekend! :)
Some screenshots of the new version running on Windows 10 have already been posted.
Click here to take a look.

1st September 2015: Zipware Version 1.1 Released

Click here to download this release
Changes in this release:

7th May 2015: Zipware Version 1.0 Released

After much development and hard work Zipware version 1.0 has now been released!
Click here to download this release
Changes in this release:

Screenshot of new icon sets with alternate backgrounds

zipware screenshot colourful icons

zipware screenshot default icons

Zipware screenshot blue toolbar


17th February 2015 - Website goes online!

Zipware website is now online! Not much content at the moment but more will be added shortly :)